Damon/Haley- Can't love me.

'I could build a bridge to my heart and lead the way,
I could build a home for your world I could not betray,
Keep you safe always.'

Haley and Damon are in a volatile relationship, and they're never truly able to let one another in. The black and white clips where they're in a field is Damon coming to her in a dream, the b and w clips after that (wedding and family b & w ones) signify Haley's dreams that she can never have as Damon is a vampire.

Crossover OTP - Brooke/Dean

Fanmix: Crashed Into You - Brooke/Dean

Medium: TV, Crossover
Fandom: One Tree Hill/Supernatural
Subject: Brooke/Dean
Title: Crashed Into You
Notes: I love this pairing. So when I saw that fanmix meme that was going around I had to jump on it. Since this was done for that meme all the songs in the mix are from Daughtry's self-titled album. I just always thought those songs fit them pretty well. Though I kind of cheated a little and didn't use all the songs because I couldn't get them all to fit into the timeline. Anyway enjoy.