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othcrossovers's Journal

One Tree Crossovers
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One Tree Hill Crossovers
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Welcome to OTH Crossovers. This community is dedicated to all One Tree Hill crossovers no matter how obscure they may seem. All ships are welcome. So if you ship Dean/Peyton or even Peyton/Sylar feel free to spread the love.
1. Respect the other members and the mods.
2. No bashing or flaming of someone's ship or crossover preference. If you don't like someone elses ship then just move along.
3. If you're posting fic, please put the fic itself behind a cut even if it's just a fake cut. Same goes for drabbles. Also the subject should be as follows [Fic: Title - Crossover - Pairing(if necessary)].
4. If posting icons or other fanart, please only up 3 teasers above a cut and all other bigger art should go behind a cut as well.
5. Use tags when posting. It just makes it so much easier to find similar posts and it's more organized that way.
6. Promote the community. The more you promote the more members we'll have.
7. Have questions? Email the mod.

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